CVS Pharmacy at 2411 Landmark Dr. Raleigh, NC 27607 (2024)

About this pharmacy & drug store

The local CVS Pharmacy, ready to help you at 2411 Landmark Drive, can be found in the center of town, providing easy access to quick pick-me-ups and household provisions in Raleigh. The CVS Pharmacy store stocks beauty products, healthcare and first aid necessities, grocery goods, and prescription refills all at the same place.

It's important to be able to purchase all the healthcare and household goods you need at just one location, but it's equally nice to get what you're looking for at affordable prices. The Raleigh CVS Pharmacy is your local place to go for discounts on the items you use often. Looking for even better deals?Enroll in an ExtraCareÆ Membership and earn ExtraCareÆ Rewards on select items. You will also join our email list and receive sales notifications, special offers, and personalized coupons.

The Raleigh CVS Pharmacy Location is glad to be an important piece of the Raleigh community. We're prepared to assist each and every local looking for a store where they can get daily necessities without extra effort. This Raleigh CVS Pharmacy features a drive-thru pharmacy so you can get your prescriptions refilled without having to park your car.

Shop for vitamins, cosmetics, personal care items, and much more at all times of day or night at this 24-hour store. Buying the household products you need is a piece of cake.

This CVS Pharmacy is the place to pick up prescription medicine and groceries in Raleigh. Pick up everything you'll need to get through the week without leaving the comfortable confines of your neighborhood. The Lake Boone Tr at Landmark Dr transit station is right up the street from the Raleigh CVS Pharmacy, so even if you can't get a ride you can still get what you need. Just get on and off to shop, and get back on to return home.

Does CVS at 2411 Landmark Dr. Raleigh, NC 27607 sell hearing aids?

Yes, CVS at 2411 Landmark Dr. in Raleigh, NC has . Shop our selection of OTC hearing aids from Go Hearing and Lexie Hearing (powered by Bose).

Is Raleigh CVS Pharmacy a UPS Access Point?

Yes, UPS drop-off and pickup in Raleigh is available at this CVS Pharmacy. You can drop off prepaid, labeled packages and UPS will take them for delivery within 24 hours. We can also keep packages mailed to you for up to seven days.

What does a flu shot cost at CVS?

CVS offers free flu shots in Raleigh to those with health insurance and through Medicare Part B. If you don't have either of those, you'll be charged $106.99 for a senior dose vaccine, or $62.99 - $106.99 for a seasonal vaccine. Raleigh CVS Pharmacy offers flu shots to help you get through the season.

Does CVS accept EBT?

Yes, the Raleigh CVS Pharmacy accepts EBT. Although this location does not accept the SNAP EBT card, it is one of the CVS stores that accept WIC, allowing pregnant women and women with children up to the age of five in need of assistance to purchase food.

Does the Raleigh CVS Pharmacy store do photo developing?

No, the CVS Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy doesn't provide photo developing, but Hillsborough St CVS Pharmacy, located 2 miles away, will develop your photos. Processing a disposable camera or 35mm film takes between 7 and 10 days, and developing black and white film, APS, 110 film, or slides takes about 3 weeks.

Does CVS at 2411 Landmark Dr. Raleigh, NC 27607 test for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

CVS Health is conducting coronavirus testing (COVID-19) at 2411 Landmark Dr. Raleigh, NC. Patients are required to schedule an appointment for in advance. Limited appointments are available to qualifying patients due to high demand. Test types vary by location and will be confirmed during the scheduling process. Patients must bring their insurance card and proof of identity*. Please view our other for more information. Also, find for sale online and in-store.

*Insurance is not required at community testing locations.

What is CVS HealthHUB on 2411 Landmark Dr. in Raleigh, NC?

A new health care experience at select CVS Pharmacy locations, CVS HealthHUB is staffed with a team of care professionals. HealthHUB locations offer a wide array of health care services, a and an expanded selection of wellness and health products, plus a care concierge to help you every step of the way.

What services does the CVS HealthHUB in Raleigh, NC offer?

Our MinuteClinic® providers specialize in everyday care, from coughs, colds, and ear infections, to care for chronic conditions, like sleep apnea* and . Additional services include blood pressure monitoring, , and cholesterol testing. Get high-quality care from our board-certified and today.

Are there different products available at CVS HealthHUB than what’s available at a typical CVS Pharmacy?

HealthHUB locations offer expanded health and wellness products, from nutrition and to durable medical equipment and other .


FOR SLEEP APNEA: Sleep apnea screening performed by a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner or physician assistant. If appropriate, your MinuteClinic provider may prescribe a home sleep test to be provided by an independent third-party provider.

FOR HEALTH SERVICES: Services vary by location. See store for details. Pharmacy services provided by CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Clinical services provided by a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner or physician assistant within a HealthHUB location.

Pick up and drop off UPS® packages

Offering extra flexibility, convenience, and safety to all your packaging and shipment needs, our CVS store is now an active UPS Access Point. Drop-off and pick up your packages with UPS tracking available, so you can be sure it’s arrived. We’ll hold packages for up to 7 days, so you can pick them up on your schedule. For UPS package drop-offs, we accept pre-labeled, prepaid packages for 5 to 7 day ground and air delivery. UPS will collect all packages within 24 hours.

Find more UPS Access Point information for packages that may not qualify for shipment from our location.

CVS Pharmacy at 2411 Landmark Dr. Raleigh, NC 27607 (2024)


What does CVS stand for? ›

CVS started in Lowell, Massachusetts by brothers Stanley and Sidney Goldstein and their partner Ralph Hoagland. The name stood for Consumer Value Stores.

Is CVS owned by Walgreens? ›

No, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS pharmacy are not owned by the same parent company. Each of these pharmacy chains operates as a separate and independent company with its own ownership and management.

Is Walgreens and CVS owned by husband and wife? ›

Both of these companies are owned by shareholders who purchase ownership via the stock market. Some stockholders are married and some are not.

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