Cushing Memorial Library & Archives (2024)

S2-051: THE DARK MAN AND OTHERS. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House. 1963. 1st printing, viii, 284p., introduction by August Derleth, dj. 2000 copies printed. Dj illustrated by Frank Utpatel. 18.5 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Lancer Books (1963). Lancer 75265-095. 95c published, Reprint of the Arkham House edition.

S2-052: THE DEVIL IN IRON. West Kingston R.I.: Donald M. Grant. 1976. 1st printing, 153p., illustrated by Dan Green, dj. 3500 copies published. 25.3 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Grosset & Dunlap, 1978. Reprint of the Grant edition, 14580, 6.95. paper cover. 25.3 cm.

S2-053: ECHOES FROM AN IRON HARP. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1972. 1st printing, 109p, illustrated, by Alicia Austin, introduction by Glenn Lord, dj.22.5 cm.

S2-054: EONS OF THE NIGHT. N.Y.: Baen Books, April 1996, 1st printing, ix, 238p., Cover illustrated by C.W. Kelly, introduction by S.M. Stirling, Tlie Robert E. Howard Library Vol. V, Baen, $5.99

S2-055: ETCHINGS IN IVORY. Poems in Prose. Pasadena, Tex.: Glenn Lord, 1968, 1st printing, vi, 26p., introduction by Donald S. Fryer. paper cover. 18 cm. Bookplate of Tevis Clyde Smith.

Same...n.p.: Hall Publications, 1975. 24p, illustrated by John Stewart, introduction by Wayne Warfield, edition, paper cover, 20.3 cm.

S2-056: A GENT FROM BEAR CREEK. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant 1968, 1st American Edition. 312p., dj. 18.3 cm,

Same... West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant. 1975. 1st illustrated edition, 312p., illustrated by Tim Kirk, dj. 19.0 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Kensington, 1975, 1st pb printing, 223p., illustrated by Tim Kirk, Cover illustrated by Jeff Jones, Zebra 132, $1.50. pb.

S2-057: THE GODS OF BAL-SAGOTH. N.Y.: Ace Books, 1979. 1st Ace Printing, 235p., ACE 29525-8 $1.95. pb.

S2-058: GODS OF THE NORTH. West Warwick, R.I.: Necronomicon Press, 1977, 1st printing, 20 iinn Pages, illustrated by Mark King, limited to 750 copies, numbered, paper cover, tipped-in front is port of Howard. 24.2 cm.

S2-059: THE GREY GOD PASSES. Columbia, Pa.: Charles Miller, (1975) 1st edition, 36p., illustrated by Walter Simonson. Blue paper cover printed in silver. 21.8 cm.

S2-060: THE GRIM LAND and Others. Lamoni, IA: Stygian Isle Press, 1975, 32p, 111. by various, introduction by Tevis Clyde Smith, limited to 450 numbered & Signed by the publisher, Jonathan Bacon. Paper cover, 21.6 cm.

S2-061: THE HAND OF KANE. N.Y.: Centaur Books, Inc., (1968), 160p, illustrated by Ned Dameron, cover illustrated by Jeff Jones, Time-Lost Series, $1.50, pb.

Same...N.Y.: Centaur Press (1970), 127p., cover illustrated by Jeff Jones, Time-Lost Series,75c. pb.

S2-062: HAWKS OF OUTREMER. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1979, 153p., edition by Richard L. Tierney, illustrated by Rob Macintyre & Chris Pappas, dj, 23.5 cm.

S2-063: HEROES OF BEAR CREEK. N.Y.: Ace Books, (1983). 1st combined Printing, 423p., cover art by James Warhola, Ace Fantasy 0-441-32815-6, $3.95, pb.

S2-064: THE HOUR OF THE DRAGON. N.Y.: Putnam's Sons, (1977) 296p, edited By Karl Edward Wagner, dj. 21.5 cm. Dj price of $8.95

Same...Book club edition, 212p, dj. 20.9 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Berkeley. 1977, 1st pb printing, 296p, lacking foldout poster. Berkeley Medallion Book 0-425-03608-1 $1.95. pb.

Same... West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1989. 247p., illustrated by Ezra Tucker, dj. 25.2 cm,

S2-065: THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF DENNIS DORGAN. West Linn, Oregon: Fax Collector's Editions, (1974). 165p., illustrated by Tom Foster, Introduction by Darrell C. Richardson, dj. 23.0 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Kensington Pub., February 1976, 2d Zebra Books Printing, 192p., cover illustrated by Jeff Jones. Zebra 149, $1.50, pb.

S2-066: THE IRON MAN & Other Tales of the Ring. West Kingston, R.L; Donald M. Grant, 1976. 1st edition, 186p, illustrated by David Ireland, introduction by Donald M. Grant, dj. 18.9 cm.

Same...N.Y.; Kensington Pub., 1976. 1st pb, 186p, cover illustrated by Jeff Jones. Zebra Book 171, $1.50, pb.

S2-067: THE IRON MAN with the Adventures of Dennis Dorgan. N.Y.: Ace Books, (1983) 1st pb. 232p., ACE Fantasy 0-441-37365-8. $2.50,pb.

S2-068: ISLE OF PIRATE'S DOOM. Yerba Linda, Ca.: George T. Hamilton, 1975, Xiv, 35p., illustrated by Steve Fabian. Introduction By Fred Blosser, paper cover, dj. 23.0 cm.

S2-069: JEWELS OF GWAHLUR, West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1979, 122p, illustrated by Dean Morrissey, dj. 25.8 cm. 3000 copies published.

S2-070: KING CONAN. The Hyborean Age. N.Y.: Gnome Press, (1953) 1st printing, 255p., introduction by L. Sprague de Camp, dj design by David Kyle. 20.3 cm.

S2-071: KING KULL by Robert E. Howard and Lin Carter. Edited by Glenn Lord. N.Y.: Lancer Books, 1967. 223p, cover illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel. Lancer Books 73-650,60c, pb

Same...London: Sphere Books, Ltd. Edited by Glenn Lord (Lin Carter not included) 187p, cover illustrated by Chris Achilleos, 60p, pb.

S2-072: THE KING'S SERVICE. Yerba Linda, Ca.: George T. Hamilton, 1976, 1st edition, xiv, 18p., illustrated by Steve Fabian, introduction by Richard L. Tierney. paper cover, dj. 22.9 cm.

S2-073: KULL. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, (1985) 1st edition, 248p, ffl by Ned Dameron, dj. 25.2 cm.

Same.. .deluxe edition, limited to 400 numbered copies signed by the artist. Dj, slipcase.

Same...N.Y.: Bantam Books, September, 1978. 190p, cover illustrated by Lou f*ck, introduction by Andrew J. Offirtt, 12019-0, $1.95, pb.

Same...N.Y.: Baen Books, July 1995. 1st printing, 207p., cover art by C. W, Kelly, introduction by Dave Drake. The Robert E. Howard Library Vol. II, Baen, $5.99, pb.

S2-074: THE LAST RIDE. N.Y.: Berkley Books, June 1978. 162p., color foldout 111, 0-425-03754-1 $1.95, pb

S2-075: LEWD TALES. Mount Olive, N.C.: Cryptic Publications, 1987, 22p, cover 111. by Stephen E. Fabian, limited to 350, no. 20 of 20 signed and numbered Copies, paper cover. 21.2 cm.

S2-076: LORD OF THE DEAD. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1981. 1st printing, 186p, illustrated introduction by Robert E. Briney, illustrated by Duncan Eagleson, dj, 22.5 cm.

S2-077: *THE LOST VALLEY OF ISKANDER. West Linn, Or.: FAX Collector's Editions. 1974.194p, introduction by Darrell C. Richardson, illustrated by Michael Wm Kaluta, dj. 23.0 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Kensington Pub. Corp., January 1976, 194p, illustrated by Michael Michael W. Kaluta, introduction by Darrell C. Richardson, Zebra Books 157, $1.50, pb.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Books, September 1979. 207p, introduction by Darrell C. Richardson, (not illustrated), Berkley Book 0-425-04243-X $1.95, pb.

Same...N.Y.: Ace Fantasy Books, 207p, introduction by Darrell C. Richardson, Cover illustrated same as on Berkley Book edition, 0-441-49515-X, $2.95, pb.

S2-078: MARCHERS OF VALHALLA. West Kingston, R.L: Donald M. Grant, 1972. 1st edition, 121p., illustrated by Robert Bruce Acheson, dj.18.0 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Books, January 1978, 215p., illustrated (foldout plate, introduction by Fritz Lieber, A Berkley Medallion Book, $1.95, pb.

S2-079: MAYHEM ON BEAR CREEK. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1979, 1st printing, illustrated by Tim Kirk, dj. 19.0 cm

S2-080: THE MOON OF SKULLS. N.Y.: Centaur Press, (1968), 127p, cover illustrated by Jeff Jones, Time Lost Series 60 cents, bookplate of Tevis Clyde Smith on inside front cover; also inscribed to Smith from Donald M. Grant, pb.

S2-081: NIGHT IMAGES. A Book of Fantasy Verse. N.Y.: The Morning Star Press, (1976) 102p, illustrated by Richard Corben and Frank Frazetta, foreword by John Pocsik, essay on Howard's poetry by Armand Eisen. dj. 28.0 cm. Limited to 1000 numbered copies.

S2-082: PAY DAY. Mt. Olive, N.C.: Cryptic Publications. 1986. 20 p.5, introduction by Robert M. Price, edition Contains eight short tales by Howard. paper cover. 21.2 cm.

S2-083: THE PEOPLE OF THE BLACK CIRCLE. West Kingston RI.: Donald M. Grant, 1974. 149p, illustrated by David Ireland, dj. Printed in edition of 3000 copies. 25.2cm.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Pub., (1977) 1st Printing, (published December 1978) 293p, edited by Karl Edward Wagner, cover illustrated by Ken Kelly, dj. Laid in is a review copy notice. 21.3 cm.

Same.. .N.Y.: Berkley Pub. Book Club Edition, 215p, same as first except for smaller typesetting, dj. 20.7 cm.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Pub. Co., (1977) 293p, foldout color plate September 1977, Berkley Medallion Edition $1,95, pb.

S2-084: PIGEONS FROM HELL. N.Y.: Kensington Pub. June 1976. 315p., edition and with an introduction by Glenn Lord, cover illustrated by Jeff Jones, Zebra 189, $1.95, pb.

Same...N.Y.: Ace Books, July 1979, 1st Ace printing, (text same as in Zebra 189, cover illustrated by Esteban Maroto, Ace 66320-6, $1.95, pb.

S2-085: THE POOL OF THE BLACK ONE. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1986, 134p., illustrated by Hank Jankus, dj. 25.2 cm.

S2-086: POST OAKS AND SAND ROUGHS. Hampton Falls, N.H.: Donald M. Grant, (1990) 1st edition, 176p., introduction by Glenn Lord, dj illustrated by Phil Hale, 22.7 cm.

S2-087: THE PRIDE OF BEAR CREEK. West Kingston, R.L: Donald M. Grant, 1966. 1st edition, 221 p.s., prefatory note by Glenn Lord, 18.3cm. Former owner’s rubber stamped address on verso half-title page.

Same...West Kingston, ILL: Donald M. Grant, 1977. 1st Illustrated Edition, illustrated by Tim Kirk, Lord's prefatory note not present, dj, 18.8 cm

S2-088: QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1978. 1st edition, 119p, illustrated by Michael R. Hague, dj. 2750 copies published, 25.0 cm.

S2-089: RED BLADES OF CATHAY. By Robert E. Howard & Tevis Clyde Smith. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1971. 125p., illustrated by David Karbonik, dj. 18.3 cm. 1,091 copies printed.

Same...Amsterdam, Neth.: Real Free Press, 1975. 33p., illustrated by El Sirigo, paper cover. A Graphic presentation. 22.7cm.

S2-090: RED NAILS. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 1975, 1st edition, 142p,, illustrated by George Barr, (inscribed on flyleaf by George Barr), dj. 25.4cm. 3500 copies printed.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Pub. Co. 1977, edited by Karl Edward Wagner, 295p, dj illustrated by Ken Kelly, 21.2 cm.

Same…N.Y.: Berkley Pub. Co. (1977) book club edition, 244p., 20.8cm.

S2-091: RED SHADOWS. West Kingston, RI: Donald M Grant, 1968, 1st edition, 38p., illustrated by Jeff Jones, dj. 18.3cm.

Same... West Kingston, RI: Donald M. Grant, 1978. 337p., illustrated by Jeff Jones, dj. 22.3 cm. Signed by Jeff Jones on flyleaf.

S2-092: THE RETURN OF SKULL FACE. By Robert E. Howard and Richard A. Lupoff. West Linn, Oregon: FAX Collectors Editions, 1977, 96p, illustrated by Stephen E. Leialona, introduction by Frank Belknap Long, dj. Regular Edition. 22.8 cm.

S2-093: RHYMES OF DEATH. n.p.: Dennis McHaney, 1975. 1st edition, 29p., illustrated by Tom Foster, paper cover, 21.1 cm. Limited to 600 copies, signed by the artist.

S2-094: THE ROAD OF AZRAEL. West Kingston, RI: Donald M. Grant, 1979, 229p., illustrated by Roy G. Krenkel, dj. 23.2 cm. Trade Edition.

Same. N.Y.: Bantam Books, July 1980, xiii, 175p, introduction by Gordon R. Dickson, A Bantam Book 13326-8, $2.25, pb

S2-095: THE ROAD TO ROME. 9 numbered pages (1972). 16 unnumbered pages, stiff blue wrappers, String tied, limited to 217 numbered copies, original mailing envelope, 24.6 cm.

S2-096: ROBERT E. HOWARD.SELECTED LETTERS 1923-1930. edited by Glenn Lord. West Warwick, R.L: Necronomicon Press (1989). 1st printing vi, 84p., paper cover, 21.5 cm. 42 letters written by Howard.

S2-097: ROBERT E. HOWARD. SELECTED LETTERS 1931-1936. edited by Glenn Lord. West Warwick, R.I.: Necronomicon Press (1991). 1st printing, vi, 80p., paper cover. 21.6 cm. 50 letters written by Howard.

S2-098: ROGUES IN THE HOUSE. West Kingston, R.I.: Donald M. Grant, 91p, illustrated by Marcus Boas, dj, 25.3 cm. Limited to 3500 copies.

S2-099: RUNES OF AHRH-EIH-ECHE. Lamoni, Iowa: Jonathan Bacon, 1976, 38p, illustrated by Randall Spurgin, paper cover. 28.8 x 22 cm. Limited to 1000 numbered copies signed by Bacon.

S2-0100: THE SAVAGE TALES OF SOLOMON KANE. London: Wandering Star, 1998, vi, 389, appendices (22p) containing a short biography of Howard by Rusty Burke, a brief biography of the artist Gary Gianni, and notes on Howard's original text, laid in is a music CD, an ad for a bronze sculpture, separate color plates, slipcase, no. 274 of 1050, g.te., 23.5cm.

Cushing Memorial Library & Archives (2024)


Who is Cushing Library named after? ›

Cushing Library, which opened in 1930, was the first building on the A&M campus specifically built as a library. It was named for E. B. Cushing, a former student and administrator who ensured the survival of A&M.

What is the name of the library at Texas A&M? ›

Sterling C. Evans Library & Annex is a two-building facility located near the Central Campus Parking Garage.

What famous person graduated from Texas A&M? ›

Eva Longoria. Eva Jacqueline Longoria Bastón is an American actress, producer, director and business woman. After a number of guest roles on several television series, she was recognized for her portrayal of Isabella Braña on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, on which she starred from 2001 to 2003.

What is the largest library in Utah? ›

J. Willard Marriott Library

What is the oldest Texas library? ›

Successor to the Galveston Mercantile Library, which was founded in 1871, Rosenberg Library is the oldest public library in Texas in continuous operation.

What is the 6th largest library in Texas? ›

“It's incredible, it exceeded my expectations,” said Murphy, who has been visiting the Frisco Public Library since moving to the city 25 years ago. “It has something for everybody, of all ages and all interests.” A span of 158,068 square feet makes it the sixth largest public library in Texas.

How many libraries does Texas A&M have? ›

Our five unique libraries house many resources assembled to support the research, learning and teaching at Texas A&M.

Who is Rosenberg library named after? ›

History of the Rosenberg Library. Rosenberg Library has offered over a century of community service to the Galveston area. The building itself was dedicated on June 22, 1904, the birthday of its patron, Henry Rosenberg.

Who is Butler Library named after? ›

In 1946, South Hall was renamed Butler Library, in honor of Nicholas Murray Butler, the president of Columbia from 1902 to 1945. In fact, he had already put his stamp on the library, as he had selected the names carved along the porticos and on the panels, and had selected the quotations gracing the main rooms.

Who is Zimmerman library named after? ›

The building was named for former university president James Fulton Zimmerman in 1961. It was added to the New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties and the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

Who is the Olin library Wesleyan named after? ›

Libraries named after Stephen Olin: Olin Library at Wesleyan University.

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